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UTE Decentralized Academy: Masterclass with Viktor Bodó

Organized in collaboration with the Teatro Nacional São João, the masterclass brought together 16 participants from Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Serbia and Romania, comprising eleven actors, one dramaturge, one playwright, one choreographer and one stage director.

Six UTE member theatres collaborated in the event by appointing an artist to attend the masterclass: Romanian actor Andras Buzasi was sent by the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Greek actress Egli Katsiki was sent by the National Theatre of Northern Greece, Austrian actor Thomas Frank was sent by the Schauspielhaus Graz, Italian playwright Paola Ponti was sent by the Teatro di Roma, Czech dramaturge Jan Tošovský was sent by the National Theatre Prague and Serbian stage director Igor Vuk Torbica was sent by the Yugoslav Drama Theatre Belgrade.

In the course of three days, participants had the chance to dive into Viktor Bodó’s creative process by experimenting a series of acting exercises that he has developed throughout his career. Based on many different materials, techniques and artistic fields, Viktor Bodó’s exercises focused on rhythm, movement, concentration, team energy and group awareness, in order to trigger the conditions for a common creative work.

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