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UTE Declaration

UTE Declaration

The position of the Union des Théâtres de l'Europe

The Union of European Theatres expresses its disagreement with the Russian military initiative in Ukraine which threatens the stability of Europe. The theaters of the Union of European Theatres cannot remain indifferent. They express their concern about this aggression and warn about the dangers that it generates. Let us show solidarity and try not to capitulate in the face of the threats to European culture and values at this grave moment. The survival of the values that each theater is committed to defend with all their might is at stake. In the face of war, let us act together to affirm and protect the freedom of Europe and its theaters.

L’Union des Théâtres de l’Europe exprime son désaccord à l’égard de l’initiative militaire russe en Ukraine qui menace la stabilité de l’Europe. Les théâtres de l’Union des théâtres de l’Europe ne peuvent pas rester indifférents et manifestent leur inquiétude face à cette agression et alertent sur les dangers que cette agression engendre. Soyons solidaires et essayons de ne pas capituler face aux menaces qui pèsent sur la culture de l’Europe à ce moment grave. Il y va de la survie des valeurs que chaque théâtre s’emploie à pour vocation défendre de toutes ses forces. Face à la guerre agissons ensemble pour affirmer la liberté de l’Europe et de ses théâtres.

Die Union der Theater Europas bringt ihre Ablehnung gegenüber der russischen Militärinitiative in der Ukraine, die die Stabilität Europas bedroht, zum Ausdruck. Die Theater der Union der Theater Europas können nicht gleichgültig bleiben. Sie sind äußerst besorgt über diese Aggression und warnen vor den Gefahren, die sie mit sich bringt. Lassen Sie uns solidarisch sein und versuchen, angesichts der Bedrohungen, denen die Kultur Europas in diesem schweren Moment ausgesetzt ist, nicht zu kapitulieren. Es geht um die Bewahrung jener unverbrüchlichen Werte, die jedes Theater mit aller Kraft zu schützen versucht. Im Angesicht des Krieges sollten wir gemeinsam handeln, um die Freiheit Europas und seiner Theater zu verteidigen.


Rebuilding European Theatre

Under the specific perspective of the pandemic crisis and the disruption caused by war in Europe, Catastrophe looks to promote the resilience and recovery of important cultural operators, artists and cultural professionals and contributes to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage.

The project aims to return to the founding principles of UTE, bringing together important theatre institutions from Western and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean area and the former Yugoslavia. These theatres will work together to create 5 co-productions based on the themes of ancient Greek tragedy. These themes - a kind of Esperanto not only of the performing arts but also of European experience - are the point of departure for the formulation of a collaborative and creative strategy in a post pandemic Europe, through new works of drama and theatre.

These co-productions will be accompanied by related events (conferences, debates, workshops, etc.), which will link artistic creation to the public. The culmination of the project - the Finisterra Festival - will take place in Porto at Teatro Nacional São João from 27th January to 26th February 2023.

Based on the tragedy of Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus, the performance Prometheus '22 will kick off the Catastrophe project. A co- production of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, the State Theatre of Constanţa and SNT Drama Ljublajana, the production will premiere in Hungarian, Romanian, Slovenian, and English on July 1, 2022 in the Main Hall of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, followed by premieres in Ljubljana in October, and in Constanţa in December 2022.


Bringing artists together to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge, and to create together — this is the mission of the Union of European Theatres. Each year, the UTE brings together multiple theatres, companies and artists, all eager to critically reflect on society through creating together. A variety of events taking place throughout the year in the UTE theatres, ranging from festivals, round tables, and conferences to publications, are the outcome of this fruitful exchange.