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UTE Fest 20

UTE Fest 20

International Theatre Festival | 4 - 19 November | Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, Romania

Festival in Times of War

Eleven international production will be presented during in Cluj during the 20th edition of the UTE Fest, eleven production which, in conjuction with the performances of the 230 year-old Hungarian Theatre of Cluj, will in the words of Gábor Tompa, artistic and managing director of the Hungarian Theatre of Cluj and UTE President give proof of this very human and artistic solidarity which has been ceaselessly actuating and motivating the members of the Union of European Theatres, founded over 30 years ago, in these trying historical times that would equally challenge mankind and humanity. This kind of continuity - duly proven via premiered and invited productions by the Studio inaugurated 15 years ago within the Theatre of Cluj - makes us hope that, night by night, the spectators may enter confidently the open doors of the theatre, stepping into that common space of action which could expedite renewal, mutual understanding and reconnection.

The Festival's program is available here.


Rebuilding European Theatre

Under the specific perspective of the pandemic crisis and the disruption caused by war in Europe, Catastrophe looks to promote the resilience and recovery of important cultural operators, artists and cultural professionals and contributes to safeguard, develop and promote European cultural and linguistic diversity and heritage.

The project aims to return to the founding principles of UTE, bringing together important theatre institutions from Western and Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean area and the former Yugoslavia. These theatres will work together to create 5 co-productions based on the themes of ancient Greek tragedy. These themes - a kind of Esperanto not only of the performing arts but also of European experience - are the point of departure for the formulation of a collaborative and creative strategy in a post pandemic Europe, through new works of drama and theatre.

These co-productions will be accompanied by related events (conferences, debates, workshops, etc.), which will link artistic creation to the public. The culmination of the project - the Finisterra Festival - will take place in Porto at Teatro Nacional São João from 27th January to 26th February 2023.


Bringing artists together to exchange ideas, experience and knowledge, and to create together — this is the mission of the Union of European Theatres. Each year, the UTE brings together multiple theatres, companies and artists, all eager to critically reflect on society through creating together. A variety of events taking place throughout the year in the UTE theatres, ranging from festivals, round tables, and conferences to publications, are the outcome of this fruitful exchange.