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UTE Descentralized Academy: Masterclass with Csaba Antal

Taking place at the Maly Theatre of Moscow, the masterclass brought together four duos, composed of a young stage director and a stage designer, from Germany, Italy and Greece. The young theatre artists worked together with Russian actors from the Maly Theatre on Hugo von Hofmannsthal’s Elektra. At the end of the workshop, on 18 and 19 September, the participants offered a work in progress, presenting the results of their ten days of cooperation at the Ordynka venue of the Maly theatre.

“We will try to approach this libretto by Hofmannsthal with the participants. It is completely different from the Ancient versions of Elektra. It’s a remarkable text that embraces all the movements that occurred during the turn of the century: the feeling of the war, power and decadence, joy and sexuality, incest and hate, myths and humanity.“ Csaba Antal.


Athanasios Kritsakis & Fani Skoulikidi-Boukouvala | Thessaloniki, Greece Christos Theodoridis & Tina Tzoka | Athens, Greece Selen Kara & Berit Schog | Bochum, Germany Emiliano Russo & Paola Castignanò | Rome, Italy


Alena Kolesnikova Denis Kurochka Aleksandr Naumov Karina Sakhanenko Evgeniy Sorokin Ekaterina Vasilieva

Masterclass with Csaba Antal Organised by the Maly Theatre Moscow, Russia and the Union of European Theatres From 10 to 20 September 2015 In the framework of the CONFLICT ZONES network-programme of the UTE With the support of the "Creative Europe" Programme of the European Union

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