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Miskolc National Theatre

Miskolc National Theatre

Member since 2023

Artistic Director: Attila Béres | Ádám Cser | László Keszég | Attila Kozma | Gábor Rusznyák | Máté Szabó | Artur Szöcs

Miskolc, Hungary

Miskolc National Theatre has a wide scope of repertory; the strongly artistic profile includes „alltime classics” like Shakespeare, Moliére, Dostoevsky, as well as Ibsen, Büchner, Brecht, Kleist, Chekhov, Bernhard or Gogol, etc., and also contemporary pieces. The original works are often transcripted and updated, in order to reflect present days and adapt to the characteristics of the artistic ensemble. Additionally, the ensemble plays opera, ballet, sometimes operetta or musical, thanks to its drama section, opera section, and as of 2013, Miskolc Ballet as the dance section. International festivals are organised as well: the Horizon International Contemporary Dance Festival, and the Borderless Days, that is a festival for crossborder Hungarian theatres, in cities with significant number of Hungarian residents, that play their performances in Hungarian. Miskolc National Theatre often hosts public events too, it is a regular venue of symphonic concerts, award ceremonies, celebrations and memorials. The Theatre always pays extra attention to children and young audience. The instruments of educating new, appreciative spectators are the popular prosaic and dance theatre performances for children, that are based upon classical works of reknowned authors and poets, or upon contemporary pieces. Initiative performances are on the programme on a regular basis, and the classroom theatre repertory is quite remarkable, too. The citizens of Miskolc have always had an appreciation of theatre and cared deeply about Hungarian dramatic art. Miskolc National Theatre was the first stone-built theatre in Hungary that played its performances in Hungarian language. The old building of the Theatre was opened in 1823 and was reconstructed many times, but the largest rebuilding project took place in the 1990’s. As the result of the project the floor space of 8,000 sqm was doubled to 16,000 sqm. Today there are five venues in the building, the Main Stage, The Chamber Theatre, the Hall, the Summer Theatre and the Studio Theatre. In order to accomplish goals that are expected from the largest and oldest theatre in the country Hungary, Miskolc National Theatre has to address a large spectre of audiences, the four - plus one summer - venues provide convenient and suitable solutions for this mission. Miskolc National Theatre celebrates its 200th season in 2023. The ensemble’s work is acknowledged and recognized by several awards and festival invitations.